Free Effective Treatments

Seeking treatment for a youth out of control can be an eye opening experience. Beyond anything else the price of most treatments and programs is much higher that what most people can afford (and those that can afford it are still making sacrifices). Most options are very expensive and without help from insurance, school districts, or government funding most treatments are beyond the reach of many parents.

To complicate matters more many behaviors are not considered mental illness or life threatening. Insurance companies will not support drug addiction, obesity, or teens going out of control as justification for starting a claim. Parents need more options when helping their teen.

Luckily there are a number of free (or low cost) treatments that help intervene in a child's destructive behavior. To read a list of great treatment options visit our Free Resources and Treatments page.

Do you have any low cost or free treatment recommendations? Please email contact [at] (To send an email remove the spaces and brackets so the address looks like are regular email address.)